How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Without Money

Valentine’s Day is especially popular among business people. The Christmas harvest is long gone and it is still far from Easter. In this “deaf” period, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for them to increase their revenue. They make a lot of use of it, so advertising massage is coming to us from all corners.

“Hooray, Valentine,” the merchants call

"Hooray, Valentine," the merchants call

But some people think it’s better to show love all year round. That’s true, but hand on heart, how many times do you remember that in your day-to-day events? So if you decide to celebrate mutual love just on Valentine’s Day, we will advise you how to spend too much.

Minimalistic Valentine’s Day

Minimalistic Valentine

The most important thing is not to buy useless. Sellers are able to put the heart on everything and hope to sell even the most stupid. But does my husband kidnap polyester shorts with teddy bears and hearts? Probably not. The gift may be pleasing to him, but otherwise you wasted money.

If you are deep in your pocket, make sure you only get Valentine’s wishes. You can write in them a personal declaration of love, and such honest words often make you more happy than plush stuff. You can also make your own wish.

Tips for cheap gifts for lovers

Tips for cheap gifts for lovers

If you insist on a gift, we have several suitable options for you. The bouquet of roses is really romantic, but in the middle of February it is very expensive. Buy potted hyacinths or daffodils instead, which you can get for 30 to 50 crowns. Tie the flower pot with a red bow and you have a beautiful flower gift for a woman.

Cook your home instead of dinner in the restaurant. Put a clean tablecloth, clean in the dining room and light the candles. Enjoy a meal together just like in a good restaurant. Prepare your food in advance and warm it up for Valentine’s Day. You will not be so unnecessarily tired and truly relaxed at dinner.