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Account Takeover Fraud, ACH Fraud, Application Security, and Online Fraud Presented by F5 60 minutes As digital transformation accelerates at an unprecedented rate, strategic initiatives such as revenue collection, customer retention and brand awareness are now mostly online. And they are increasingly hijacked by hackers, resulting in account takeovers (ATOs), fraud losses and damaged brands. […]

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Research and development scientist presents cold nuclear fusion as a solution to climate change in new book

FAIRFAX, Virginia (PRWEB) August 11, 2021 When introduced in 1989, cold nuclear fusion offered a promising prospect for sustainable energy production. While unsuccessful attempts to replicate the original experiment and other short-sighted skepticism led much of the scientific community to prematurely abandon further research, others continued to study cold nuclear fusion as a source of […]

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Loss-making Ponzi schemes meet cold fusion

In 1989, Dr Stanley Pons and Dr Martin Fleischmann “discovered” cold fusion – the ability to essentially produce free, unlimited energy. Pons and Fleishmann became celebrities overnight. Part of the drama of the story was two, upstart chemists revolutionizing the staid field of physics. It was, according to the New York Times, a story of […]