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Live Webinar | A Master Class in Cyber ​​Security: Roger Grimes Teaches Data-Based Defense Webinar.

Anti-Phishing, DMARC, Business Email Compromise (BEC), Cybercrime Presented by KnowBe4 60 minutes Even the world’s most successful organizations have significant weaknesses in their cybersecurity defenses, which today’s determined hackers can exploit at will. There’s even a term for it: Assume Breach. But assuming that you will be hacked is not an option for you. Your […]

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Ransomware patch or perish: attackers exploit ColdFusion

Security of critical infrastructures, Cybercrime, Cybercrime as-a-service Cring Ransomware Unleashed After Attackers Exploited Unpatched Flaw From 2009 Mathew J. Schwartz (euroinfosec) • September 27, 2021 Ransom note left by attackers using Cring ransomware (Source: Sophos) To fight ransomware, experts advise security teams to stay on top of how attackers hacked their latest victims. In particular, […]

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Looking to the Past to Secure America’s Clean Energy Future

When I was growing up, some American rivers and lakes were on fire. After decades of happy innocence fueled by growing consumerism, these images on the evening news were a wake-up call that inspired neighbors, communities and the country to come together and find solutions to improve the planet for future generations. In less than […]

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Attackers use old Windows ColdFusion server to spread Cring ransomware

The old is sometimes not gold, especially when it comes to old versions of ColdFusion running on versions of Windows that have reached end of life, as the global company demonstrated. Sophos security through its research on a server that was taken over by strangers. actors using Cring ransomware. Andrew Brandt, Senior Researcher at SophosLabs, […]

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Cring Ransomware Gang Exploits 11 Year Old ColdFusion Bug

Unidentified malicious actors broke into a server running an unpatched 11-year-old version of Adobe’s ColdFusion 9 software in minutes to take remote control and deploy file-encrypting Cring ransomware to the target’s network 79 hours after the hack. The server, which was owned by an anonymous service company, was used to collect timesheets and accounting data […]

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Microsoft’s Late Summer Software Security Cleanup Fixes Over 80 Bugs • The Register

Tuesday patch For its September Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released fixes for 66 vulnerabilities as well as 20 Chromium security bugs in Microsoft Edge. Affected products include: Azure, Edge (Android, Chromium, and iOS), Office, SharePoint Server, Windows, Windows DNS, and Windows Subsystem for Linux. Of these CVE, three are rated critical, one is rated moderate, and […]

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MIT announces ‘major breakthrough’ in fusion power

“This is truly a watershed moment, I believe, in fusion science and technology.” Mega Magnet A team of scientists from MIT said they have successfully removed what may be the biggest technological hurdle between us, the power of practical nuclear fusion. The researchers succeeded in obtaining a new superconducting electromagnet to generate a magnetic field […]