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BeReal Social has just become the most downloaded application (video)

Image credit: ColdFusion

What is BeReal? Will it last? What does it tell us about the direction society might take? Everything you need to know about the most exciting social media app.

After launching in 2020, the French social media app gained popularity earlier this year. What some call the “anti-social media” app, BeReal pushes a notification to all users at once, giving everyone two minutes to capture a moment of their day, using the smartphone’s front and back cameras. No filters. No modification. No likes. No subscribers. No influencers. No ads. Just real people, living real Lives.

As the likes of Facebook and Instagram continue to gain negative press over scandals, mental health issues and controversial moves, could BeReal BeTheAnswer? Although it’s still early days for the streamlined social media app, July saw over 20 million downloads and August reported over 10 million daily active users. BeReal is the number one downloaded application in several countries around the world, including the United States, Germany and Australia. It has already caught Instagram’s attention, with their new “Dual Camera” feature and “IG Candid Challenges” test last month.

Will the momentum last? Will BeReal’s servers keep up with growing demand? Let us know below or on our social media.