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GOING GREEN FAST: International conference showcases new fusion technology to solve climate change NOW | by Dick Samson, director of the EraNova Institute | Jul 2022

Image of a sunny future thanks to a “fusion punch” from Brillouin Energy.

Latest World-Changing Power Insights to Be Released at ICCF-24 Solid State Power Summit, which is the 24th International Conference on Cold Fusion. The event will take place July 25-28, 2022 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California.

Also known as low-energy nuclear reactions (LENRs), cold fusion is receiving renewed attention from scientists around the world.

All interested investors, technologists and entrepreneurs can register and attend in person or via Zoom at ICCF-24 website. To get an exclusive 25% off registration, use code ENERGY25.

ICCF-24: 24th International Conference on Cold Fusion, be at the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California

The general message of the conference is as follows:

Hot fusion has gotten all the attention (and funding) as a solution to providing unlimited, clean energy to our planet. Investors have poured billions of dollars into hot melt projects over the past few years.

Yet, to date, hot fusion experiments have generated less energy than they consume (a net loss) but the planet is warming up fast and we don’t know when hot melting might be practical. However, there might just be a shortcut. Several companies and researchers have observed cold fusion devices generating more energy than they put out (a net gain).

The ICCF-24 conference will showcase a global spectrum of these cold fusion research developments and steps towards commercialization.

Felix Kramer, entrepreneur, strategist and writer in the field, offers this invitation to attend:

Felix Kramer’s invitation to ICCF-24

Speakers at the ICCF-24 event include –

  • CarlPage, President and Co-Founder, Anthropocene Institute.
  • Nobuo Tanaka, former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA).
  • What price, Emeritus Professor and Philosopher, University of Cambridge.
  • Florian Metzler, Research Scientist, MIT Industrial Performance Center.
  • Masami Hayashi, Director of Global Strategy, Clean Planet.
  • Olivier M Barham, Project Manager, United States Navy.
  • And many othersincluding those who work closely in government agencies.
Carl Page, founder of the Anthropocene Institute (hosts of ICCF-24) with a group of colleagues.

“ICCF is LENR’s premier event,” says Carl Page, President of ICCF-24 and Founder of the Anthropocene Institute, the organizer of the event. “Our goal is to energize conversations and connections at the frontier of solid-state fusion power technology.”

Judging by the website, this 24th conference might be special. Science and technology appear less theoretical and more practical than in the past. There seems to be a move towards commercial prototypes and private investment.

One is Clean Planet of Tokyo, Japan, and the other is Brillouin Energy Corporation of Berkeley, California. Both are at the forefront of LENR ventures raising venture capital and moving toward commercialization.

Clean Planet’s Director of Global Strategy Masami Hayashi is a scheduled speaker at ICCF-24. It is expected to report on their Quantum Hydrogen Energy technology, which is being developed for boilers.

Clean Planet 1 kW Prototype Unit

Most of Brillouin’s team will be present at ICCF-24. This includes Robert Godes, Founder, President and CTO; Robert Georges; Chief executive officer; David Firshein, Chief Financial Officer; and many others.

“Brillouin will likely be the only company at the event with a demonstration that actually generates controlled LENR heat,” says Firshein.

The management of Brillouin Energy: Robert Godes, President; Robert Georges; Chief executive officer; and David Firshin, CFO – shown with experimental equipment

“Brillouin’s latest generation Hydrogen Hot Tube™ (HHT™) demonstration is much more mature than our research demonstrations of the past,” said CFO David Firshein. “It is no longer a laboratory experiment, it is now an early-stage transportable production unit that is being readied for technology licensing.”

The demo will also be open and interactive. “Anyone can stop by and see us perform our HHT and ask questions,” Firshein says. “We will be in a room where a number of our team members, including myself, will be addressing audience flow.” Remote participation via Zoom is also available as an alternative choice on the ICCF website.

Artist’s rendering of Brillouin’s Hydrogen Hot Tube (HTT) device

Brillouin is perhaps the only entity to publicly reveal a commercial scale power generation device at ICCF-24.

“Government agencies or related business partners are closely monitoring our progress,” says Godes, “as well as private organizations focusing on commercial heat generation, hydronic heating, electric power, water desalination from marine and other uses that apply to large commercial markets”.

Larry Forsley, senior experimental physicist at NASA, researcher at the University of Texas and chief technical officer of the Global Energy Corporation, has greatly enlivened the public discussion of cold fusion with multiple publications and media interviews. Calling this technology lattice confined fusion, or LCF, the excess power comes from combustible hydrogen that is bound in a metallic lattice. His team is tasked with finding a power source for long-distance space travel.

LENR-piloted craft considered by NASA and SpaceWorks Engineering

Forsley says LCF “has the potential to produce a CO2- and methane-free, compact and safe energy source. It has small-scale applications, from charging laptops and cell phones to powering homes, cars, and possibly electric planes.

NASA cold fusion experiments

It’s up for grabs. Brillouin, however, appears to be the only company in the field to have developed a 100% reliable control system for turning power on, on, off and off – with advanced plans for a scalable manufacturing process.

Video on Brillouin Energy:

Brillouin Energy explanatory video

Whichever company sets up the first commercial installation, it will be a turning point for the entire industry, which can then take off.

It probably won’t be winner-takes-all, though. Major players are offering variants of the technology and particular means of approaching all of the addressable markets, which far exceed $1 trillion annually and impact numerous other industrial process and commercial product markets . There’s room for multiple leaders as well as hundreds of vendors, service companies, specialists, and licensees.

The key is for a developer to break the ice. At the moment it looks like Brillouin, because their technical developments are important.

According to Firshein, this is perfectly analogous to the early days of heavier-than-air flight. “Even months after the Wright Brothers first flew at Kitty Hawk, there were prominent skeptics who still did not believe the aircraft actually flew.”

Is Kitty Hawk’s skepticism alive today? It took journalists and the public months to believe their own eyes.

“Despite this skepticism, early investors and adopters are the ones who really benefited. It’s the same case with the mechanics of Brillouin’s control system and his accumulated scientific evidence of controlled LENR heat generation. It really is clear where this leads us, commercially speaking.

We encourage all interested investors, technologists and entrepreneurs to register and attend in person or via Zoom at ICCF-24 website. To get an exclusive 25% discount on registration (thanks to the EraNova Institute), use the code ENERGY25.

See this article to learn more about cold fusion:

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