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Pink Energy Files Chapter VII Bankruptcy

GIBSON CO., Ind. (WFIE) – After closing in September, Pink Energy filed for bankruptcy on October 7.

We told you about a Gibson County woman who had trouble with Pink Energy before it closed.

Today we spoke again with the wife, Pam Negron, to hear her thoughts on the ongoing bankruptcy.

She says filing for bankruptcy could be a step in the right direction to get answers from CEO Jayson Waller.

“What I want is for them to replace my damage, and I think he should repay his creditors,” Negron says, “that’s what I want, and all the harm he’s done to all those people everywhere, all the damage he caused, he should be responsible for it.

Bill Perry has had his solar panels from Pink Energy for nearly two years. He was over a year old when he discovered that his panels were never connected to the network.

Like Negron, he stopped making his payments months ago.

“If they came and put this all together, and I started generating electricity, I would start making payments again today,” Perry says, “I’m not going to make payments for something that I is useless.”

Perry is just one of many Pink Energy customers who have been left with faulty solar panels and piling up payments for a service they can’t even use.

According to the documents, Pink Energy has more than $58 million in total claims, and customers like Perry and Negron feel like they have yet to pick up the pieces.

When asked why he got into solar power, Perry said he felt like he was doing the right thing.

“That sounds gullible. I guess so, but I didn’t know anything about solar power, and these people came over and told me how awesome that would be, and I said, “Okay, let’s do it.” I think if it was done well with someone who was honest. I think that would have been a good thing,” Perry says.

The bankruptcy document itself is over 3,000 pages long and highlights the thousands of creditors, including businesses and individuals, who have been affected by Pink Energy.

Regarding next steps for Indiana customers, attorneys general in several states, including Michigan, Ohio and Missouri, have filed civil lawsuits against Pink Energy.

Several Hoosier customers have reported to us that they have filed complaints, however, the Indiana Attorney General’s office remains unclear as to what their next steps may be.

This is a developing story, and we will continue to follow it as the legal proceedings continue for the bankruptcy claims.