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The Flash’s Firestorm Cliffhanger Has Already Revealed His Fakeout Trick

The final scene of The Flash episode “Reckless” teased Ronnie Raymond as a cold killer, but it doesn’t match all the available evidence.

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for the flash season 8, episode 10, “Reckless”.

There is a problem with the theory that the Cold-Fusion Killer of the flash season 8 is former Firestorm Ronnie Raymond brought back to life, despite the idea teased by the episode “Reckless” cliffhanger. The idea was first floated when it was announced that actor Robbie Amell, who played Ronnie Raymond in previous Arrowverse productions, would return to reprise the role during the flash season 8. Although there are clues supporting the theory that a resurrected Firestorm is the flashCold-Fusion Killer, there are others who refute it completely.

The Cold-Fusion Killer was first introduced in the flash season 8, episode 8, “The Fire Next Time”, when a serial killer with fire control powers began targeting random people in Central City. The finger of suspicion first fell on Jacob “The Hotness” Birch, a recently paroled metahuman thief who had contact with two of the victims. Luckily for Birch, The Flash cleared him of any connection to the murders after determining that the fires created by the killer were different from Birch’s, being generated by controlled cold fusion reactions rather than redirected heat.

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Later episodes brought Team Flash into direct contact with the Cold-Fusion Killer, which appeared to be targeting the team. This resulted in the Cold-Fusion Killer talking to Dr. Caitlin Snow and repeating the last words her deceased husband Ronnie Raymond said to her before his apparent death while trying to avoid the explosion of STAR’s particle accelerator. Labs. While this seems to back up the theory that Ronnie was the cold killer, the idea doesn’t hold up when all the evidence is considered.

What we know about the Cold Killer

The Flash Season 8 Cold Fusion Killer Sentient Flame

Most of the data regarding the Cold-Fusion Killer and their powers comes from the flash season 8 episodes “Phantoms” and “Reckless”. The main “Phantoms” storyline found Team Flash tech Chester P. Runk seemingly haunted by his father’s vengeful ghost, but it was actually the Cold-Fusion Killer in disguise. An episode later, in “Reckless”, Frost enacted her own plan to try and trap the Cold-Fusion Killer after he attacked her in her apartment, seemingly drawn to her similar powers.

The Cold-Fusion Killer was originally believed to control its flames from a distance. This sparked theories that the killer could be Cobalt Blue, a Glow villain from the comics, who was empowered by a magical black flame. However, the events of “Phantoms” suggested that the killer’s mind was in the flames rather than being psychic constructs, as the flames reacted to Team Flash in a way suggesting innate sensitivity.

The most telling information regarding the Cold-Fusion Killer came from Cecile Horton, who encountered the Killer when he manifested as an illusion of Chester’s father. Cecile felt “…the pain of thousands of people, maybe more…beaming from the Illusionary Man. In addition to hinting that the Cold-Fusion Killer was more than just a metahuman, Cecile confirmed that there was also a psychic element to the Cold-Fusion Killer’s abilities, given that they were able to read Chester’s mind and learn that his father died in a fiery car accident when Chester was young, giving him a fear of fire. This gave rise to the theory that a Despero risen, who appeared during the flash Season 8’s Armageddon event wielding the mystical flame of Py’tar could be the cold fusion killer.

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Theory: Ronnie Raymond is the cold fusion killer

The Flash Season 8 Villain Explains How The Firestorm Returns

There is evidence to suggest that the Cold-Fusion Killer is a resurrected Ronnie Raymond, beyond the fact that they appeared in front of Caitlin Snow and repeated Ronnie’s last words before sacrificing themselves to try to prevent the accelerator. particles from STAR Labs to explode,”Cait… the world is different now. There is no normal life for us. The main common factor is that Ronnie’s powers as Firestorm were largely based around generating controlled flames. Ronnie’s powers were also the result of a cold fusion fueled transmutation experiment.

Since his body would never have been found after he sacrificed himself to save Central City in the flash season 2 premiere, it’s entirely possible that Ronnie was reborn or metamorphosed into the form of a sentient flame. In the comics, Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm defied death and survived the apparent destruction of his own body, so there’s a chance something similar could happen in the Arrowverse. As to why a heroic man like Ronnie would randomly kill people, Professor Martin Stein was left in a state of amnesia for the flash season 1 when he and Ronnie first merged as Firestorm. It’s entirely possible that Ronnie was similarly confused and lashing out at people until he encountered the familiar presence of Frost (who was originally part of Caitlin) and remembered enough. to find his wife.

Why “Reckless” Cliffhanger doesn’t fit the facts

The Flash Caitlin Snow takes on a cold fusion killer in Reckless Cliffhanger

While the idea that the Cold-Fusion Killer is Ronnie Raymond is a proper misrepresentation, it doesn’t fit most of the available evidence. The main problem is that outside of a telepathic connection to Professor Martin Stein, Ronnie Raymond never exhibited psychic powers as Firestorm. Nor would it explain the feelings Cecile Horton felt with her powers of empathy and her belief that the cold killer fed on grief and had to inspire people to cry in order to take their life force, leaving behind a burnt envelope. While it’s possible that Ronnie somehow developed powers such as a bodiless spirit or became some sort of psychic parasite, it doesn’t seem likely given that the flash Much of it deals with science fiction and the idea that anything unusual, no matter how fantastic, can be explained by science. Even if Ronnie became a mystical being, that wouldn’t explain the connection to the pain of the thousands of Ceciles.

The most reasonable explanation is that the Cold-Fusion Killer has latched onto Caitlin and is trying to get her to give in to her grief over her dead husband and her guilt for getting serious with her new one. Glow Marcus, Season 8’s boyfriend, has just started dating seriously again for the first time since Ronnie’s death. It seems a more likely chain of events than the flash adapt the events of the darkest night storyline from the comics and introducing the death-powered Black Lantern Corps to the Arrowverse, with Deathstorm (the name used by Black Lantern Ronnie Raymond) leading the charge. While this theory is consistent with the powers displayed by the Cold-Fusion Killer and explains the visions of pain and torment experienced by Cecile with her powers of empathy, it would go against the grain for the Arrowverse to introduce the Black Lantern Corps before John Diggle became Earth’s first Green Lantern.

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